A relaxing juice cleanse in the Cotswolds

Our Team

HelenHelen - Retreat Coordinator and Detoxification Specialist (Level I and II)

I have been juicing for many years and decided to set up this residential juicing retreat in the beautiful Cotswolds, so others can share in the benefits that I've experienced. I'm passionate about the benefits of juicing, as I have seen in myself and others the health improvements (including healing illnesses) and overall change in well-being that can arise from allowing the body to detox with fresh juices.

I am a qualified Detoxification Specialist (level I and II) with the International School of Detoxification (Dr Morse nd) and a Nutritionalist. I co-ordinate your retreat, and offer Detoxification Consultations with programmes of support.

I have a wonderful group of therapists and yoga/fitness teachers that will also support you in your detox journey, and very much look forward to meeting you.



Marrianne - Therapist

I trained as a Reflexologist in 1996 and loved it so much that I continued my training in other complimentary therapies, with Zero Balancing, Energy Healing, Reiki and Sports/Remedial Massage.

It is my firm belief that the body’s natural state is that of health & wellbeing.  Dis-ease be it physical, emotional or mental, is an indicator that something is out of balance & there are many possibilities for healing by understanding how our belief patterns, emotions & nutrition shape our lives today. From here we are able to journey back to health, bringing the light of awareness, love & healing into the places of dis-harmony. I feel that all people benefit from nurturing touch, and with experienced hands so much can be accomplished from a relaxing massage, to much deeper work. 



Wayne - Intuitive Healer

I am a multi-faceted natural Healer. Everything in our life carries a meaning and a message. Behind all pains, traumas, illnesses and suffering there are meanings, beliefs and patterns. I will assist you with unraveling these so they may be released and freed from your body. Everyone is unique and, every session requires a different open-minded approach, allowing individual change for each client.

I allow myself the space to give each client what they need in that moment to help them move forward. Deeply trusting my intuition and using many different techniques to assist clients. I am aware that issues that affect us can arise from as early as being in the womb and I work with that in mind releasing traumas and blockages as far back as before birth. I believe my clients choose to see me because instinctively they know I am able to help them. 

Love and light. Wayne  www.wayne-lee.com


Kim - Yoga Teacher

I have been practising and teaching yoga for 23 years. I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga and specialise in restorative yoga and specifically people with back pain.  I teach in the beautiful Cotswolds both individual and group classes.  My classes involve postures, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation. www.yoginikim.co.uk







Sabina - Therapist

I am passionate about Good Health and Well Being.  I trained to do Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) in 2010 after working as a Dr Hauschka Esthestician (skin specialist) and seeing the difference lymphatic drainage made to the skin.  MLD is proven to assist in weight loss and detoxing programmes by stimulating the lymphatic system to rid the body of waste materials, toxins, poisons and excess fluid.  It has a calming effect on both mind and body giving you a complete sense of well being after each treatment.  The gentleness of touch defy its effectiveness.





Nicki - Group/Personal Fitness Trainer

I qualified as a Personal Trainer with the Asian Association for Sports and Fitness Professionals while living in Hong Kong in 2008, and i have recently also qualified with Premier Fitness International. I am also qualified to teach Kettlebells, Circuit training, Running Technique and Boxing/Padwork.

I am passionate about exercise and nutrition and believe anyone can achieve a long term healthy lifestyle with the right support and encouragement.  I am a keen runner and currently training for a Half Marathon.  I love rowing and as member of Gloucester Rowing Club hope to be competing later this year. I enjoy working with people of all ages and fitness levels and can adapt programs to suit every ability. 



Pete - Iridology

I have been fascinated with uncovering our unlimited potential and raising our consciousness ever since I took a year off after school and did some extensive travelling back in the early 1980's. This has been my passion ever since and along the way I have learnt and taught, Shiatsu, Yoga and Meditation always in an informal and fun way. Over the years I have explored deeply with myself and others the connection between our mind, emotions and our body.
In the Spring of 2012 I came across Robert Morse ND on the internet and was so impressed by his understanding of raw foods, herbs in combination with Iridology to Detoxify and Regenerate the body I decided to study with him, graduating level I in Jan 2013 and level II in Nov 2014 as a certified Detoxification and Regeneration Specialist. It has been for me the missing piece of the puzzle to true Health and Wellness. I love to support others in their journey, having a particular passion for Iridology. I am steadily building a practice in the Stroud ( Gloucestershire) area as well as online and am available for consultations. It's a pleasure to be a part of Helen's team at the The Cotswolds Juice retreat.